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OC's Camera Club - We're New in Town

With so many fellow photographers in the OC-West Linn-Gladtone-Clackamas-Milwaukie area, it was time for us to have a camera club.  We will meet the third Monday of each month, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Abernethy Grange which is just off I-205 at Park Place, and there's room for everyone.

What Are We About?

Meetings will be about your interests, your photos, and your ideas.  To help us put together fulfilling meeting agendas, please do tell us what you'd like to see and hear about.  What would you like to learn?  Send a list to us at info@occameraclub.net.

Will there be photo shoots and field trips?

That's part of the fun!  We hope to plan at least one field trip/photo shoot each month.  Our first photo shoot will be in early August.  If there is anyplace you would like to go for a photo shoot, please let us know at info@occameraclub.net.

Why should I join a camera club?

The answer to this is different for every person, but people usually join a club to share ideas, learn new techniques, and go places they may not normally go--all for the love of photography.  Club meeting nights and event days is time set aside for something they enjoy.  Members participate in various contests and competitions, and they can showcase their work in the members' gallery.

Should I bring my camera to meetings?

Members are welcome to bring their cameras to meetings, especially if there will be hands-on discussions.  It's often easier to learn and demonstrate techniques if we have camera in hand.

Is there a fee charged for field trips and photo shoots?

There is not a fee charged by the club.  The only fees or costs would be those charged by the venue, for meals, and the cost of getting there.  For example, parks usually have a day-use fee and there would be some expense incurred for travel and a meal--members would be responsible for those expenses.  We encourage carpooling, and meals would be up to those attending.  The club will make every effort to get group rates whenever possible.

How do I become a member?

Come to one of our meetings--it's that simple.  At the meeting, you'll receive your membership information.

There is a small membership fee of $25 per year.  This covers the expenses of the club (i.e., rent for meeting place, website, equipment used at meetings, awards/prizes for competitions and contests, etc.).

Can I help?

We encourage our members to share what they know and any special techniques they've developed.  This club is for the members.  If you have anyone in mind for a guest speaker or presenter, or if you would like to be a presenter, let us know at info@occameraclub.net.  We want to showcase local photographers and learn from them.  Our photography is made better through sharing with others.